"Achieving Success through Building Partnerships"

Welcome to OPSEC International LLC

OPSEC International LLC is a premier specialized law enforcement, security, investigative and international consulting firm. We are available to consult and develop practical solutions to avert crisis, safeguard your critical operations, and protect your personnel, property, assets, and liabilities.

As an international consulting firm OPSEC International LLC provides technical services on rule of law development, justice and security development, human rights development, acquisition and procurement development, anti-corruption development, law enforcement development, judicial security development, corrections development, information technology system development and language & translation support programs. OPSEC International LLC has been a prime implementer in the key areas of defense, diplomacy, and development with previous and current employment contracts with the U.S. government worldwide. OPSEC International LLC is adept at implementing effective programs in fragile, conflict-affected, and post-conflict countries.

Achieving success in a competitive business environment requires establishing a strategic partnership with a quality risk management, protection and consulting firm. All persons, communities and businesses have reasons to consider professional security, training or consultations.

At OPSEC International LLC, our primary concern is your satisfaction. With your involvement, we personalize our services with regard to your special requirements, preferences, and restrictions. Whether you are considering additional security, investigations, training or international consultation for your business or community, OPSEC International LLC will provide the expertise necessary to address your requirements. Our staff is licensed, insured, bonded, trained and professional, and will perform an array of tasks to ensure your requirements are met.

OPSEC International LLC services:

Basic Services

Specialized Services

  • Special Police Officers

  • Armed Security Officers

  • Unarmed Security Officers

  • Site Security Assessments

  • Courier Services

  • Armored Car Services

  • Vehicle Patrol Services

  • Financial Institution Escorts

  • Event Security

  • Loss Prevention

  • Key Holding & Alarm Response

  • Private Investigations

  • Executive Protection

  • High Risk Protection

  • Asset Protection

  • Witness & Domestic Violence Protection

  • Travel Security  / Protection

  • Community Policing

  • Canine Detection

  • Threat Analysis

  • Emergency Response Teams (E.R.T)

  • International Consulting

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